• Women IPL Laser Hair Removal Device Body and Facial Hair Remover Light Epilator

Women IPL Laser Hair Removal Device Body and Facial Hair Remover Light Epilator

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Brand Genkent
Women IPL Laser Hair Removal Device Body and Facial Hair Remover Light Epilator Descriptions: Our Hair Removal Technology is designed specifically for individuals that have issues with unwanted hair growth in different parts of their bodies. Just by placing the device on your skin and pressing the button to release a certain amount of energy to the skin will solve this problem within a very short period of time. It is very portable therefore easy to carry with you to any destination of your choice. This hair removal helps you to achieve hair removal and smooth skin through breaking the cycle of hair regrowth, it is very gentle, especially for first-time users or for treating any areas, such as the face or bikini line. Automatic mode can be used in large epilating areas such as arms, legs, abdomen and back, Manual mode can be used in small area, such as lip, nipple part. Features: [Portable]Foldable, convenient to carry, can totally put into your bag.[Fast hair removal]1S continuous light flash, 5min can remove all the hair.[Good effect]Long-lasting hair removal inhibit regeneration. IPL hair removal technology is a known technical solution to effectively inhibit hair regeneration, persistent use can achieve permanent hair removal effects.[Good-looking design]Stylish and lightweight design, women's favorite.[Nice to hold]Weight and size are suitable for women to hold.[Durable]990,000 times flash. The body with right- angle shape, which can ensure a stable grip when used for different parts. Anti- aircraft flash function. Only work when the lamp cap is fully cling to skin. Specifications: Instrument principle: IPL photon technologyLevel: 5-levelColor: GreenSize: 14x21x9cmInstrument net weigh: 265gPackage Includes:1 x IPL Hair Remover Machine1 x Power Adapter (US plug)How To Use:1. Trim hair and clean.2. Connect power.3. Long press for 3 seconds to turn on, short press to select gear.4. Switch manual/automatic light button.5. Wear goggles, cling to the skin vertically, and press the button to flash the light.6. After hair removed, choose SR mode to work again to restore skin more delicate and smoother. Notes: Before use:1. Please do not eat photosensitive foods (such as spinach, rapeseed, mustard, etc. )to avoid adverse reactions after used.2. Please do not apply condensate, aloe vera gel, etc. These products may cause no flash light. During use:1. When using, please do not open the maximum gear directly. gear adjustment should from weak to strong. Under the condition of not damaging the skin, the higher the gear, the stronger the effect.2. When using, please keep your eyes away from the light outlet, wear goggles if possible. Avoid children getting close to the flashing light. lt is strictly forbidden to start in front of the eyes. After use:1. Darker skin may have delayed skin reactions, please do not increased the gear level even the skin feeling is not obvious.2. The skin may have mild redness, swelling, tingling or warm feeling. It's a normal reaction, Don't worry, it will disappear soon.3. Please wait 2 hours before applying skin care products or cosmetics. If skin is uncomfortable after the treatment, please wait until discomfort disappear. If skin is tingling with skin care products applied. Please wash it off with water and extend the waiting time before applying anything.4. Please avoid UV radiation, and protect skin from the sun for a period of time. Please avoid long-term exposure to computer radiation when working. Apply a make up base cream and sun cream to protect your skin in daily life. Unsuitable for below:1. There are any abnormalities on hair removal parts, such burns, inflammations, scars, abrasions, sunburn, redness, swelling, herpes (herpes labialis) acne, itching and fever, viral lumps, open lacerations, wounds or lesions, varicose veins, hemangiectasis etc.2. Area with birthmarks, acne warts, tattoos, moles after tattoos freckles, big vessels, deep skin areas, scars, and other abnormality.3. People suffer from diseases related to light allergy, who are s
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